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Soyoung L Kim
Exploring how emotions and memory reshape reality

Location: Brookline Village Wellness Center, 33A Harvard St (3rd Floor)

Media: Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media, Watercolor
Subject Matter: Abstract


Artist Statement: Soyoung L Kim

A fascination for emotions and how it colors the world around us drives Soyoung L Kim’s work. Our emotions shape how we see, perceive and remember life and it is that process of reshaping reality that Kim explores in her work. The created world portrayed in her work becomes a place where memory of the past, the feeling of the present moment, and the hopes and dreams of the future converge. Perhaps because she grew up watching children on the streets of Nairobi transforming metal cans into toy cars or rolling up plastic bags and twine into soccer balls, she is constantly drawn to transforming rejected materials into something new, whether it is transforming discarded stacks of manuscript paper into birds or transforming discarded moments into marks of color.

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